Is it your first time here? Take advantage of a first free 30-minutes meeting

If you want to book one or more sessions, choose from the available time slots using the calendar below (click here if you want a 10% off by buying a 10-sessions package). You can request to book 30 or 60 minutes blocks at these rates:


  • 30-minutes: $25.00
  • 60-minutes: $45.00


  • 30-minutes: $35.00
  • 60-minutes: $60.00

These rates are for one-on-one sessions. For groups or corporate rates, please contact me.

If you are requesting an in-person session, please include the address where you want to meet. It can be your home, office or a public place (a library, a coffee shop…). If you prefer an online lesson, simply write “online” in the “meeting address” field”.

I will get back to you as soon as possible to address the payment and confirm the appointment. Thank you!

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